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Guidance and Information Services

Information and Guidance on educational opportunities
For information on educational opportunities for adults contact your nearest Adult Educational Guidance Service. If you are currently participating on a VTOS, Literacy, BTEI/ Community Education programme, you can also make an appointment to meet the Guidance Counsellor.
Are you in full time employment?  The Institute of Guidance Counsellors’ website provides contact details of private Guidance Counsellors.
Are you a graduate? Visit your college’s Careers Office  and ask to make an appointment with the Careers Advisor.
INTREO Employment Service Offices provide career advice and guidance including information on job and training opportunities as well as temporary employment options. To use the service is it necessary to register at your local INTREO Office. These services are available to all individuals including:

  • the unemployed,
  • persons wishing to return to work after a break,
  • persons who have completed school or college
  • and job-changers.

Local Employment Service Networks provide guidance and placement services to certain categories of unemployed people. Check with your nearest centre for details of eligibility requirements.
Right and Entitlements
Check out your nearest Citizens Information Centre for information on your rights and entitlements. 
Money and Budgeting Advice (MABS)
If you need help managing financially, MABS may be able to help you. Check out your nearest centre.

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